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Soundly is a fully featured sound effects platform for Mac & PC, and includes thousands of royalty free sound effects, such as those found in the In The Forest Collection.

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Surround your viewers with the sounds of nature.

The forest is a special and unique place.

To find another human, you’ll probably have to walk for miles knowing that your search might not be successful.

But you wouldn’t even have to move one step to find life. In the forest, it’s all around you.

From the treetops, all the way down to the earth that you’re standing on.

You can hear all species of birds chirping in the distance. The sounds of trees rustling as their leaves brush against each other in the wind.

You want to connect your viewer/audience to the forest’s essence of nature. They may be watching your scene unfold in front of a computer, cinema screen or something else man made.

But as they watch your scene, you want them to feel right there in the heart of the leafy wilderness with your characters.

There are lots of different sounds that make up the atmosphere of the forest. That means you’re going to need lots of different sound effects.

That means firing up your search engine, and trying to find exactly the right sound effect that you need.

So as you edit this scene, you’ll need to find the right sound effects. So you try to see what’s out there on the internet.

As you look for that specific sound effect, it might take you a few minutes. Or maybe a lot more than that.

We like to compare it to finding something you’ve lost in the forest. With so many places to search, you never know how long it’s going to take you to finding that something.

And once you have one sound effect, you have to keep repeating the same process over and over again.

This can leave you feeling frustrated. Because it makes the process of editing really tedious and boring!

You just want to focus on the editing because that’s what you love doing!

We get that feeling. Sound editing is fun and rewarding. We get to express ourselves through sound.

But editing is not spending lots of time looking for sound effects and downloading them.

It’s time spent away from your scene feeling uncertain you’re not going to find what you’re looking for.

And if you don’t find what you’re looking for, you’ll just have to leave it out of your scene.

That’s why everyday we help over (number of people) like yourself overcome this common editor’s frustration. And our In The Forest sound collection might just be for you.

The In The Forest collection serves the purpose of making your forest scene editing much more efficient and enjoyable.

You have every sound effect that you need to recreate what the forest sounds and feels like. All in one place.

Add the crunch of twigs snapping as your characters walk through the forest. Mix up the chirps of different birds, giving your forest an extra sense of wonder and mystery.

No matter what ideas you have for your forest scene, this collection’s range of sounds means you have all you need in one place to implement your vision.

Your forest scene is waiting for you to breathe life into it. Download Soundly today!

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